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PG: You have long stressed the theme of return, the almost inevitable presence of archaism, in the technological realm.
but if it clearly emerges that Apuleius pursued this wholly outdated archaism more often than other African writers, on reflection I attribute this less to a search for affectation and more to his youthful spirit and to something which is often observable in young men, the taking up of unusual words, with which they think that their style is made more vivid and ornate.
But the vision of France that appears in American business newspapers like the Wall Street Journal --involuted, fixated on its past, an economic archaism, reflexively antiAmerican - is drifting farther and farther from reality.
Given their self-conscious archaism, the Phoebus paintings also recollect the more wistful of the literary expressionist paintings of the mid-80s, a smaller scale version of Therese Oulton, perhaps.
Archaism and Antiquarianism in Korean and Japanese Art
Preceding the Acheulean assemblage (Mode 2), Mode 1 is supposed to reflect a certain archaism and early date for cobble/pebble tool cultures with small flake tools, cultures that are connected with the African emergence through to the earliest settlement of Europe.
Munro suggests that Milton's deliberate archaism in Paradise Lost is even more extensive and resonant than prevailing critical assumptions allow.
Instead, Nicholson delves into texts characterized by "extravagant ornamentation, obscure archaism, and violent bombast," texts so stylistically extreme that they hardly seem to be English at all (1).
In this piece her scholarly approach is fully on display--deeply concerned with textual evidence, basing grammatical analyses not on forms detached from their context but on the grammar that emerges from text, sensitive to meter and to other indirect clues to linguistic structure such as register, and to the linguistic reality often partly concealed by orthography, alive to the interplay of archaism and innovation in the language and to the linguistic processes that reconfigure older features of language in new structures, and eager to situate whatever language she's focused on in the larger web of Indo-Aryan languages, not only more or less contemporary Middle Indic forms but also earlier Vedic and later Apabhramsa and even New Indo-Aryan.
In essence, whereas the latter was boldly illusionist and mimetic, thus de-emphasizing its materiality, the former creates the opposite effect, connecting content to physical form, and thus embedding Northern archaism within Caravaggesque style and composition.
For all its archaism, his peroration has the urgent indignation of countless nationalistic speeches in the century since:
41) The clue to the purpose of all this archaism lies in the pronouns.
My 1965 edition of Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage has an entry for governance: "governance has now the dignity of archaism, its work being done, except in rhetorical and solemn contexts, by government and control.
Traceable through Don Paterson (of whom Gillis is a perceptive critic) back to writers like Stevenson and James Hogg, the double or alter-ego forms a rich seam in modern Scottish literature, challenging the rigidities of identity formation and the perceived barriers between, for example, reason and the irrational, progress and archaism.