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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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We looked for auditory exostoses in 621 adult human skulls (figure 1) that had been recovered from 31 archaeologic sites (all of them seashell mounds) in four adjacent coastal states of southeastern Brazil.
Yet, even as he has created an archivist's treasure of Downtown Manhattan and Manhattan's Upper West Side, Estes is not interested in nostalgia or future archaeologic records.
In 1998 Julian Bowsher published a book about the findings, The Rose Theatre: an archaeologic discovery.
Castro, Curator of Christian Art of the National Archaeologic Museum in Madrid.
Within them are playgrounds, "landscape adventures," hiking trails, picnic areas, a summer youth camp, and a water park as well as historic and archaeologic sites such as Sataf Biblical Farm.
historic, archaeologic, and outdoor recreation values of present and
The minister also said his ministry aimed at a tourism intermingled with culture as Turkey was rich of archaeologic heritage and museums.