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related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology

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The earliest archaeologic evidence of reindeer domestication comes from the Sayan Mountains on the border of Siberia and Mongolia and dates from >2,000 years ago (31,32) (Figure 1).
5x12"), the analysis describes the geologic and archaeologic record.
We also hope that our study will stimulate multidisciplinary research aimed at deciphering the intricate bony messages contained in cryptic archaeologic remains.
West Mexican Radiocarbon Dates of Archaeologic Significance", in The Natalie Wood Collection of Pre-Columbian Ceramics from Chupicuaro, Guanajuato, Mexico, at UCLA, Jay D.
ABSTRACT This paper explores Reichel-Dolmatoff's archaeologic academic production in Colombia.
A summary of the scientific methods and disciplines applied to the study of human origins and evolution, including osteology, isotopic analysis, geochronology and geomorphology, paleontology of associated plant and animal fossils, and the archaeologic record.
Castro, Curator of Christian Art of the National Archaeologic Museum in Madrid.
Archaeologic evidence and ancient documents show that stone formation has vexed mankind since the earliest known civilizations.
Within them are playgrounds, "landscape adventures," hiking trails, picnic areas, a summer youth camp, and a water park as well as historic and archaeologic sites such as Sataf Biblical Farm.
historic, archaeologic, and outdoor recreation values of present and