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a support for the arch of the foot

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Children with flat feet Children with flat feet need shoes with a wide toe box, maximum arch support and shock absorption.
Delivery of orthopedic footwear and orthopedic arch support granted to citizens under Sydjysk Tender Collaborate.
In the case of flip-flops, not only do the thin rubber soles give people's feet zero arch support, also their ankle is free to move about.
Offering comprises the supply of orthopedic footwear, including individual orthopedic footwear, semi orthopedic footwear, manufactured footwear, arch support, modifications and repairs to the citizens (children and adults) with a license pursuant Service Law A* 112, the following contracting authorities Faaborg-MidtfynKerteminde MunicipalityLangeland MunicipalityNordfyns MunicipalityNyborg MunicipalityThe tendered delivery concluded a framework contract with one supplier per.
an international retailer of custom-fitted arch support, announced their upcoming “Doctor Day” event in Indianapolis.
Designed to be strong, durable and comfortable, the socks include knitted arch support for a precise fit and hold, cushion panels to provide comfort from shock absorption, ventilation panels to aid moisture management, and specially treated yarns and bamboo fibres to provide natural antibacterial protection.
Many of Moszkito customers recognized the need for a flip-flop with arch support that also offered great designs and fun colors, features that the baby boomer generation was demanding.
They will scan your feet and advise you on the appropriate mix of arch support and comfort footwear to help get you into shape quicker.
s new Elektra line of snowshoes are lightweight and have comfortable bindings with built-in arch support.
com) designs and manufactures high-quality construction flip-flops featuring a cushioned arch support to promote comfort and durability.
25 /PRNewswire/ -- Moszkito(R), the name in "healthy flip-flops," is expanding their collection of sandals with arch support to now include closed footwear for Fall 2009.
Compare arch support, tread width, firmness and gel cushioning among several model shoes.
He has been prescribed orthotics with added arch support to help alleviate the strain.
Moszkito is also introducing the first women's casual heel called the Moszkito Archy Wedge with arch support -- it's a long time coming and it's very cute.
This contract concerns the conclusion of a framework agreement regarding the supply of insoles and arch support products.