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an amoeba-like protozoan with a chitinous shell resembling an umbrella

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The most frequent taxa found in the three waterfalls of this study were Arcella atava, Arcella discoides, Arcella hemisphaerica, Centropyxis aculeata, Centropyxis aerophila, Centropyxis minuta, Centropyxis constricta, Centropyxis ecornis, Cyclopyxis arcelloides, Cyclopyxis minuta, Cyclopyxis arcelloides e Difflugia oblonga.
The most abundant species were Polyarthra vulgaris, Pompholyx complanata, Conochilus unicornis (rotifers), Centropyxis aculeata, Arcella vulgaris, Diflugia gramen (testate amoebae), Ceriodaphnia cornuta, Diaphanosoma spinulosum, Moina minuta (cladocerans), Thermocyclops decipiens, T.
Frank Arcella, who will continue to guide AeroMet's new technology development as Chief Technology Officer.
Frank Arcella, AeroMet's president, and his team at AeroMet have done an outstanding job of commercializing the technology, establishing previously nonexistent national standards for titanium manufacturing, and demonstrating the structural integrity that our proprietary laser forming process provides for titanium aerostructures.
Frank Arcella, AeroMet's president, said that these test results are an important milestone in the acceptance of the laser forming process for the manufacture of titanium alloy components in military and commercial aircraft & engines.
Frank Arcella, president of AeroMet Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTS, and Dr.
A reaction mechanism recently proposed by Arcella et al.
Frank Arcella, AeroMet's president, said a significant portion was for pre-production components for military aircraft including non-recurring programming and setup activity.
Frank Arcella, AeroMet's president, said that the contract is in support of a larger Boeing-led effort under the direction of ONR to demonstrate the viability of the AeroMet Lasform(SM) process in the low cost production and repair of "hard-to-get" titanium spares for aircraft and ship applications.
Arcella said that successful completion of these feasibility phase demonstrations could lead to one or more production contracts in support of certain military aerospace programs.