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Synonyms for arcane

Synonyms for arcane

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requiring secret or mysterious knowledge

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It is difficult to think of a forefather for the mystery of the arcane other than Umberto Eco, in particular with Il nome della rosa (1980; Eng.
Unfortunately, the proposal, well-meaning as it is, is arcane in the extreme.
In these two books, The Queen's Men and their Plays and Shakespeare's Mystery Play, we see impressively displayed the competency of highly historicized and archival research, as well as, especially and strikingly in the book by Sohmer, who forecloses on a constructive partnership with those who study Shakespeare in a less arcane manner, the limitations of that approach.
She has lifted the community out of the arcane and placed it squarely in the larger narrative of southern history.
The glossary defines both commonly used and arcane terms reflecting recently ratified international tax laws such as transfer pricing regulations and the North American Free Trade Agreement as well as terms used to reflect pending legislation such as the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.
The technocrats of traditional informatics have their own language (of course) and their own gurus with arcane backgrounds and interests.
By scouring arcane accounts of local, state, and national historical celebrations, he has uncovered a struggle between conflicting forces that have shaped America's public memory.
It was also true in the early eighties, when Bill Casey turned much of the CIA upside down, began building a corps of highly educated analysts and push-theenvelope undercover agents, and created special task forces for arcane issues like third world conflicts and technology theft.
SEYBOLD REPORT SEYBOLD REPORT publisher Jonathan Seybold on the Apple-Microsoft-Adobe font wars: "This is not just arcane stuff for the cognoscenti.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Gamers can now conjure magic on their iPads, iPhones and iPods with the Retina display-optimized fantasy Co-Op RPG Arcane Legends from Spacetime Studios.
Arcane 39 have been picked as the representatives for Stockton North by its Labour MP Alex Cunningham under a project called Rock The House.
As usual, readers can expect plenty of the unusual, the improbable, the arcane, the bizarre and the macabre.
We see the staff fret over the most arcane minutiae: the lighting during a Wexler TV interview, the positioning of photos of dignitaries and celebrities in his office, the precise parsing of the wording of countless press releases.
Field error' plus a bit more arcane text which suggests that the designer is using Dreamweaver and needs more practice.