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a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes

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The 42nd Parallel: The Isolating Arc Light and lntersubjeetivity of Speech
Bradley and Zoe were spotted back together and very much in love, as they went to see a movie at Arc Light Cinema in Hollywood.
If searching or making contact with a potential, but not yet determined threat, I would place the spot low at their feet allowing the arc light to confirm hands and help in positive identification.
Local agent Paul Nataf was the leading buyer in terms of volume bought and total spend, but Paul Cole and BBA Ireland were among the leading buyers by average, and the most expensive and third highest-priced lots have ended up in training in Britain: EUR170,000 buy Arc Light is with Mahmood Al Zarooni and EUR130,000 purchase Golestan Palace is with Luca Cumani for Contredanse's owner Stuart Stuckey - both after being offered by Mocklershill at the breeze-up sales.
A firestorm of arc light was generated when the photogs erupted into a shooting frenzy at the site of Olson, Scott Caan, and Tony Alva all standing together.
BRITISH chemist Humphrey Davy, inventor of the miners" safety lamp, kicked off man-made electrical lighting with an arc light in 1810.
Roger's ferocious performance of "Bravo pour le Clown" is made more terrifying by having it viciously lit by a giant, mobile arc light, pushed around the stage and splashing her marionette-like shadow against the back wall.
In fact, the 2,000-candlepower light was actually an arc light, similar to the blinding light used in modern-day searchlights or some motion-picture projectors.
The arc light shone bright on our new garbage can awaiting the call of the D.
The Steven Holl Architects designed, Central Wing at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, with lighting by Arc Light Design and Rogers Marvel as architect of record, will receive a Lumen Award of Merit with Distinction for Civic Service.
As an example of the importance of the battle for the base, during the seventy-seven day siege US Air Force bombers delivered 14,223 tonnes of bombs, rockets and other munitions; the Marine Air Wing dropped 17,015 tonnes of ordnance; US Navy planes with 7941 tonnes of munitions and the Arc Light B-52 bombers dropped 59,542 tonnes.
Pacific Daylight Time) Where: Arc Light Cinemas Patio/Lower Level 6368 Sunset Boulevard Hollywood, CA 90028 Why: This latest "i'm lovin' it" announcement continues McDonald's global brand strategy of partnering with the leaders in music, fashion, entertainment and sports.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Erection & Commissioning Of "Xenon Arc Light Fastness Tester" Qty.
Tom will lay on a series of demonstrations, ranging from how to build a bridge to how an arc light works and will stage a grand finale in which the institute's 1902 lecture theatre will bounce to the disco beat.