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a lamp that produces light when electric current flows across the gap between two electrodes

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Traditional UV inks provide consistent color, but due to the extreme heat of the arc lamps, it limits the types of materials that can be used.
Lightfastness testing is made using filtered xenon arc lamps which simulate UV and visible solar radiation more closely than any other artificial light source.
Just as the Clyde Arc bridge decorates Glasgow's waterfront, so too does this smart arc lamp which adds style and glamour to this project.
19 -- Carl Zeiss MicroImaging has incorporated new LED technology in the Colibri illumination system, a light source system for wide field fluorescence microscopy that uses specific wavelength windows with much less need to suppress unwanted peripheral wavelengths from a white light arc lamp.
com 6 Inspired by the long-legged wading bird of the same name, Nova's Ibis collection includes an arc lamp, available in red or black, which measures 85 inches high, with a 66-inch span.
Featuring simple front panel controls, the product achieves energy efficiencies resulting in an 80% reduction in power consumption as compared to a UV arc lamp spot curing solution.
Samples of soil in glass cylinders are placed in the chamber's steel sample tubes through a small air-lock, then rotated on a carousel; exposing one sample at a time to ultraviolet-rich light from a xenon-mercury arc lamp.
De Heer built a new cluster source and a quadrupole mass analyzer with a range from 1-10,000 amu; clusters were ionized using a broadband UV arc lamp - all features that later proved to be essential for the discovery of electronic shell structure.
The traditional method employs a white light, typically from a Mercury or Xenon arc lamp.
Its ImageXpress 5000A imaging instrument features a custom-built CCD camera, a 300W xenon arc lamp and the ability to incorporate plates of up to 1536 wells.
As part of a cooperative program with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), NIST scientists have used the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory to observe x-ray absorption and fluorescence in the various elemental components of a metaihalide arc lamp.
It continuously emits pulsed IR using an alkali-vapor arc lamp to confuse and divert incoming missiles.
The invention of the arc lamp in 1846 brought electric light into the theater for special effects; Thomas Edison's 1879 incandescent light bulb opened up the field of experimentation, in lighting design for theater and dance.
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