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the cultivation of tree for the production of timber

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They may also be known as consultant arboriculturists, arboricultural officers or tree officers.
The Council is seeking to establish a framework agreement in respect of Arboricultural Services for various activities within its property portfolio throughout North Yorkshire for Areas A (Ryedale and Scarborough), B (Craven, Harrogate and Selby) and C (Hambleton and Richmondshire) as defined by the Borough and District boundaries within North Yorkshire.
STRONGLY OPPOSED: Councillor Des O'Brien TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM: County Councillor Martin Heatley (left) and Clint Parker, the arboricultural officer on the authority's forestry team, re-stake one of the weather-hit trees on the Maple Park estate in Nuneaton
uk/ is a competitive arboricultural and ecology consultancy which offers professional assistance regarding bat surveys around the country.
Nelson's Column, London He immediately called in an arboricultural consultant who carried out a full inspection to establish the tree's condition and assess any risks it posed.
The planning applications were readily available for public inspection and in accordance with standard practice they included an arboricultural assessment by a specialist tree consultant prepared in accordance with the required British Standard.
The trees in Bute Park are routinely surveyed by the council's own qualified and very experienced arboricultural officer and the trees within the planning application for the bridge were further surveyed by an independent arboriculturist in 2008.
To find a local qualified tree surgeon contact the Arboricultural Association (www.
A Knowsley Council spokeswoman said: "No hedgerows were cleared and the Department of Environmental and Rural Affairs along with the council's arboricultural officer were consulted to make sure no wildlife could be affected and no trees with preservation orders were touched.
This latest news keeps us on track to make Stewart Park an even bigger and better attraction," he said The council also wants to develop a specialist training base to teach horticultural and arboricultural skills to young people.
Contact the Arboricultural Association on 01794 368717, for approved contractors and registered consultants, or visit www.
Depending on the site, there might also be the need for reports on a number of specialist areas, such as an environmental impact study, as well as on the local ecology, including arboricultural issues, endangered flora and fauna, contaminated land, and so on.
To make matters worse, Akron has no licensed, certified arboricultural company.
Contract award: EDC2014/1591 Provision of Arboricultural Services.
Clint Parker, the county council's arboricultural officer, said: "The trees, which are young Fastigiata, had not taken root properly, mainly because of the recent bad weather.