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Synonyms for arbor

tree (as opposed to shrub)

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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

a framework that supports climbing plants

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Parce que les objets sont ostensiblement arbores par les Peres et accessibles a la vue de tous ceux qui visitent leur cabane, ils suscitent la parole.
The Arbores Laetae video (of the rotating trees in Parliament Street) was part of the trailblazer launch for MADEUP and, while contributing to strong media coverage, it did not achieve anywhere near the same results.
Councilor-at-Large Gary Rosen said many homeowners were confused about the term "host tree," believing such trees, or arbores in botanical jargon, were actually infested.
Arbores Laetae (Joyful Trees) was situated on the corner of Parliament Street and Great George Street and transformed a brownfield site, situated on a key arterial route on the edge of the city centre, into a beautiful wooded space for contemplation.
Ihope the weather's not too atrocious asImust see Diller, Scofidio +Renfro's Arbores Laetae: 17 trees planted in the city, three of them actually rotating in the ground.