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Synonyms for arbitration

Synonyms for arbitration

(law) the hearing and determination of a dispute by an impartial referee agreed to by both parties (often used to settle disputes between labor and management)

the act of deciding as an arbiter

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Hawley in consequence took an opportunity of seeing Caleb, calling at his office to ask whether he had time to undertake an arbitration if it were required, and then asking him incidentally about Raffles.
I then insisted on the matter being submitted to arbitration, and demanded fifteen hundred pounds as the full exchange value of the picture.
The amendments of the ICC Rules of Arbitration, which entered into force from March 1, aim to increase the efficiency and transparency of ICC arbitrations.
Multiple organizations administer arbitrations and provide rules that govern the arbitration proceedings.
SIAC), the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre of Arbitrations (KLRCA), the
And while most arbitrations fall squarely within the standard arbitral narrative, the failure to account for arbitration's counter-narrative has already led to doctrinal problems--problems that will likely multiply if the exclusive focus on the standard narrative continues.
summary judgment) is not favored in most arbitrations.
For instance, all members of the GCC have acceded to the New York Convention and are able to position themselves as the most attractive venue for arbitrations.
paragraph] At best, the 2002 ruling threw a shadow of uncertainty over arbitration agreements and internationally seated arbitrations with Indian counterparties; at worst, it painted India as an arbitration-hostile, interventionist jurisdiction.
With the court overruling all earlier judgments on the issue, no petition seeking to set aside foreign arbitration awards or questioning procedural lapses in arbitrations taking place outside the country would be entertained by domestic courts.
3) Since the decision was issued, there has been extensive commentary on the impact this decision will have on consolidated arbitrations.
The parties commenced arbitration and entered into an agreement requiring the arbitrators to follow and apply Rule 3 and Rule 7 of the American Arbitration Association's ("AAA") Supplementary Rules for Class Arbitrations.
AaAaAaAa The seminar debated six working papers on arbitration in general, arbitration development in the Sultanate and it's importance for solving disputes, Oman's Judicial role in upholding arbitrations verdicts and implementation in the Sultanate.
16) However, a number of courts have declined to allow arbitrations to proceed as class actions in the absence of a provision in the arbitration agreement authorizing class arbitration.
Arbitrations are not necessarily cheaper; while public trials and judges are paid for by taxes, private arbitrators often charge more than $300 per hour.