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relating to or resulting from arbitration


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Typically, emergency arbitrators seek to provide interim relief to contracting parties prior to the appointment of an official arbitrator or arbitrational tribunal (Fry & Chance, 2013).
In comparison, the village court is a more formal and more public forum which can serve several purposes for an aggrieved disputant: it is adjudicatory rather than arbitrational, monetary compensation for the aggrieved can be ordered (and usually is) and the accused can be subjected to the censorious and shaming attention of a large crowd.
All face arbitrational IAAF hearings, probably in April, and mandatory two-year bans if found guilty.
In an apparent effort to explain Liverpool's language as to arbitrability, the Court, in its recent Watertown decision, states that while Liverpool may have "implied" a presumption of non-arbitrability or that it may be "fairly so characterized, an arbitrational presumption is no longer justified either in law, or in the public sector labor environment.
In early Commonwealth literary criticism, amid much empty talk of happy families, there was an implicit assumption of Britain's arbitrational cultural role; the "filial" literatures of the former colonies were urged to refer for guidance to the "parent stock.
The issue is then whether these aspects, and others raised by the literature on the theory of labour contracting, can be turned into a framework for a workable, efficient and equitable regulatory, arbitrational and judicial system.
As the Lebanese civil war went on unchecked, the arbitrational role of the parliament in national politics was virtually neutralized.
Court Judgments and Arbitrational Awards - The challenge in any litigation or arbitration outside U.
The reason we discuss the unilateral extension option throughout the eyes of DRC and CAS is a result of the increasing internationalization and importance of the decisions of these committees within the international field of professional football, which will also have its impact at national level (certainly at the long run), such as for national arbitrational courts.
On the one hand, European policy-makers tend to promote alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation, online dispute resolution, informal dispute resolution boards, arbitrational courts etc.
The more arbitrational style of the CAS courts calls for specific expertise, most regular lawyers do not master.
MONTREAL -- In an effort to keep its shareholders apprised of developments relating to the recent Arbitrational suspension, Sulliden Exploration Inc.