arbitration clause

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a clause in a contract providing for arbitration of disputes arising under the contract

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Credit unions may find themselves in court more often if the CFPB acts on its proposed ban on class action waivers in arbitration clauses -- a change some industry experts said could inflate compliance costs and eliminate products and services.
The first word in the arbitration clause of the fifty-nine AAA and JAMS clauses was buried 5,662 words deep in the TOU (median 5,360 words).
If the law of Qatar is chosen, or the arbitration clause in the contract is silent, but the parties have agreed the arbitration will take place in Qatar, Qatar's Procedural Code will apply.
15) As examples of rules interfering with the fundamental attributes of arbitration, the Court listed contract defenses that conditioned the enforcement of an arbitration clause on the use of a jury, the use of the Federal Rules of Evidence, or the use of court-monitored discovery.
Where, for instance, the arbitration clause calls for a panel of three--one chosen by the complainant, one by the defendant and one by the two arbitrators chosen by the parties--the cost can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.
The Court of Cassation quashed the appellate court's ruling and dismissed the lawsuit on the ground that there was an arbitration clause.
First, challenging the scope and reach of an arbitration clause is one of the few remaining avenues for parties to keep a dispute in court and out of arbitration.
the arbitration clause in question was contained in the purchase agreement between a developer and home buyer.
Even where the enforcement of a bilateral arbitration clause can be shown to exculpate the defendant from wrongdoing or prevent the effective vindication of rights in a particular case, the clause is per se enforceable under the FAA.
An Arbitration Clause That is Operable, Effective, and Capable of Performance
Rather than leaving questions of dispute resolution to be decided when sports disputes arise, it is advisable to include an express arbitration clause in the Sports Agreement or Contract concerned.
6) AnimalFeeds, the respondent, is a customer that ships its goods pursuant to a charter party contract that contains a mandatory arbitration clause.
Washington, June 5 (ANI): The case of the 'too-hot-to-handle' Debrahlee Lorenzana, who was fired for 'being too sexy', has come to a grinding halt as she can't sue Citibank because of an arbitration clause in her company agreement.
Litigation Over the Scope and Meaning of the Arbitration Clause
As part of the agreement, Bank of America Corp is to drop the arbitration clause and class action ban from its consumer and small business credit card agreements for at least 3-1/2 years from 2010.