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The first method of history is to take an arbitrarily selected series of continuous events and examine it apart from others, though there is and can be no beginning to any event, for one event always flows uninterruptedly from another.
It is merely necessary to select some larger or smaller unit as the subject of observation- as criticism has every right to do, seeing that whatever unit history observes must always be arbitrarily selected.
By an act of mental extravagance he might imagine himself arbitrarily thrown into prison, but it would never occur to him unless he were delirious (and perhaps not even then) that he could be beaten with whips as a practical measure either of investigation or of punishment.
It was this maddening course of being shouted at, checked without rhyme or reason, arbitrarily chased out of my cabin, suddenly called into it, sent flying out of his pantry on incomprehensible errands, that accounted for the growing wretchedness of his expression.
It prevents owners from arbitrarily closing a park and forcing residents out.
EEMBC's new power metric will fill this knowledge gap by providing data on how much power and energy a processor consumes when running a real application and not just arbitrarily chosen test vectors.
We are going to have to prove to those communities that this isn't going to be something that is arbitrarily imposed.
The filter corner frequencies can be dynamically controlled and compression characteristics can be arbitrarily defined.
And third, materials purchases should not be arbitrarily piecemealed out to a network of contract manufacturers.
Reisman accuses contemporary macroeconomics of a double violation of the laws of mathematics: namely, arbitrarily ignoring parts of equations (such as the value added by the baker to the flour) and then adding up equations, or parts of equations, that, being alternative, mutually exclusive formulations of the same facts, are not properly subject to addition.
As a result, many carriers are overpaying claims and in many instances arbitrarily increasing reserves.
The statement added that the Amnesty International also documented the use of unnecessary and excessive force by the police against journalists and peaceful protesters, who have been gathering every night on the streets of Male, the capital, calling for the release of people arbitrarily detained and for the lifting of the state of emergency.
In a statement issued to the press, the ministry said over 12 companies and organizations terminated the services of a number of employees arbitrarily, warning that the ministry insists that all staff members receive all their rights and compensation in accordance with the law.
NNA - A UN panel has said that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who sought refuge in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden, has been arbitrarily detained in violation of international law.
Summary: Hate the way Facebook seems to arbitrarily crop photos you post on your Timeline to .