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relating to or resulting from arbitration

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Furthermore, the court found that the Marshall Islands adopted the general maritime law of the United States, and held that enforcing the arbitral award would violate the United States public policy protecting seamen.
courts, which often set page limits on trial briefs, arbitral tribunals generally do not impose such limits.
Ahora bien, es de resaltar que la tradicion arbitral de los diversos paises de la region no era en lo absoluto inexistente, especialmente en el caso del arbitraje domestico o nacional.
It is proposed to amend sub section (1) of section 29A by excluding International Arbitration from the bounds of timeline and further to provide that the time limit for arbitral award in other arbitrations shall be within 12 months from the completion of the pleadings of the parties.
The high court on January 31 had upheld the international arbitral award passed in the favour of Daiichi and paved the way for enforcement of the 2016 tribunal award against the brothers who had sold their shares in Ranbaxy to Daiichi in 2008 for Rs 9,576.
The real and practical option for the Philippines is to 'talk with China while taking measures to fortify the arbitral ruling,' Carpio said.
Reportedly, the arbitral tribunal denied one part of Enea's case, where Enea had indicated preliminary claims for additional royalties of as much as SEK900m, but accepted another, smaller, part of Enea's case.
According to Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, the arbitral ruling awarded to the Philippines last year by the International Tribunal Court in the Hague cannot affect the COC because it only binds the Philippines and China, and not with the other claimants of the South China Sea.
With reference to the third question, generally an arbitral award will be final and binding for all parties.
CapMan has completed the tender offer announced in November 2016 and, by a decision of the Arbitral Tribunal, acquired title to the Norvestia shares subject to the arbitration proceedings, in accordance with Chapter 18, Section 6 of the Limited Liability Companies Act.
La FTF precise sur son site officiel, que la FIFA n'a pas encore communique la composition du trio arbitral pour le match aller (3eme journee) entre les deux selections, fixee au 1er Septembre 2017 a 21H au Stade Olympique de Rades.
He covers international commercial arbitration as a private international law enterprise, arbitral jurisdiction and the arbitration agreement, the choice of law governing the arbitration agreement, the lex arbitri and the arbitral seat, parallel litigation and arbitration, the choice of substantive law, limits to party autonomy in choice of law, the award, annulment of awards, and the recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.
The appellant (the defendant in the underlying dispute) began proceedings before the High Civil Court to annul the arbitral award number 74/2013 issued against it by the Centre.
Gold Reserve announced on February 7 that the Paris Court of Appeal rejected all of Venezuela's arguments and issued a judgment dismissing the annulment applications filed by Venezuela pending before the French courts in relation to the arbitral award dated September 22, 2014, rendered by the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.