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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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A long arbitrageur is someone who purchases shares cum dividend and sells them ex dividend.
Regulatory restrictions on arbitrage are directed at short sales, undertaken by an arbitrageur when she believes the market price of a security is higher than its efficient price.
This is because the arbitrageur treads even more cautiously when putting on this trade in the first period when he knows that the investors penalize negative returns with sizeable withdrawals.
The arbitrageur would sell call 1 and buy call 2, investing the balance in a Treasury bill earning the risk-free rate.
Instead, the arbitrageurs force the banks to cause appropriate changes in the bond interest rate.
The full proceeds from a short sale of stock are not available to the arbitrageur and the purchase of at least one creation unit (50,000 units) is required.
The arbitrage proof of Proposition I introduced a new standard in finance, namely that any result the finance profession takes seriously must have the critical property that it cannot be undermined by clever arbitrageurs.
authorities when Wall Street arbitrageur Ivan Boesky "sang" in the fall of 1986.
Dining one evening with a fellow arbitrageur, he ordered all the dishes on the menu.
Before GCA Savvian, he was at Credit Suisse, where he held a number of roles in the M&A group, including as Head of US Takeover Defense, and in the Multi-Product Event Trading Group as a risk/merger arbitrageur.
Stepping up An Saighdiur, Bubbly Bellini and Toufan Express are the premier handicap winners here and there are six - Joe Eile, Stones Peak, Arbitrageur, Measured Approval, Topadee and Hi Emperor - stepping up to this grade for the first time.
It would not be profitable for an arbitrageur to buy more shares because what the arbitrageur would have to pay to induce the c + 1st share to sell is greater than or equal to the first-tier price.
When the raiders were well financed, all they had to do was launch a proxy fight against your board and, if you had 100 percent of your board members up for election each year, they could convince the arbitrageur, who then owned most of the stock, that they ought to elect a new board consisting of the LBO firms or takeover individuals and their friends and families.
Apprentice Leigh Roche is given the ride in the Sheikh Mohammed colours and his 5lb claim should be a factor in helping Fastidious reverse form with Arbitrageur, who beat him by a neck in a maiden at Gowran last Wednesday and is penalised 5lb as a consequence.