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someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

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Currently, retail investors and physical market participants in the UAE and Asian arbitragers have been driving the growth in trading of the gold contract, he said.
Grossman-Stiglitz sense, these arbitragers can expect to earn only a
For example, day trading became a common man's game, not just that of professional arbitragers.
Investment bankers and arbitragers were being profiled in mainstream publications like Esquire and the Atlantic.
The goal of dark pools is to avoid tipping off the market, including high-frequency arbitragers, that a big order is in the market and moving prices.
Murphy, the former chairman of General Motors, once remarked: "Many so-called 'investors' are nothing more than predators, opportunists, speculators, traders, arbitragers, scavengers, even black-mailers, whose focus is on nothing more than trying to capitalize on the short-term .
Interestingly, the current financial crisis suggests that the arbitragers may have underestimated their costs, specifically credit losses, which could lead, at least for a time, to a decline in shadow banking as credit intermediation shifts back into the banking sector of the economy.
Without forgetting the arbitragers and speculators, some to level prices and the others to benefit of the movements of variables such as: the kinds of interests, the exchange rates or the shares prices.
The hedge funds and arbitragers are buying stock here in the 2.
Course bookmaker Jake Adamson says arbitragers ensure efficient market
In spatially integrated markets, competition among arbitragers will ensure that a unique equilibrium is achieved where local prices in regional markets differ by no more than transportation and transaction costs.
The case drew national and international attention from pharmaceutical companies, lawyers, consumers, stock analysts and arbitragers as a signal of what lies ahead for Merck, which has vowed to fight the 4,200 Vioxxrelated lawsuits pending
arbitragers and stock analysts) have in effect "usurped" returns that would have otherwise gone to inside traders absent regulation; that is, insiders are better off without (enforced) regulation.
In effect, regulatory arbitragers find it profitable to expend real resources to lawfully sidestep efficiency-impairing regulations.
The Wall Street arbitragers who lost a bundle when the deal cratered think the FTC's action was triggered by complaints from Office Max, the third major superstore chain, which stood to get some assets on the cheap if the government forced the merged entity to spin them off in the name of protecting competition.