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appropriate for or subject to settlement by arbitration

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Citing the liberal policy in favor of arbitration noted in its more recent cases and the purported substantive-law foundations of the FAA on which the Court relied in Southland, the Court held that Soler's antitrust counterclaims were arbitrable.
Supreme Court directive that "any doubts concerning the scope of arbitrable issues should be resolved in favor of arbitration[.
For example, a landmark CAS ruling on the application of the rules of the game/rules of law principle involving a boxer who challenged the referee's decision on a disqualification for a punch below the belt and whether such a dispute was arbitrable or not, the Panel limiting itself to the question whether the referee's decision violated the 'general principles of law'.
Whatever the precise nature of these arbitrable issues, the important point is that there are questions on which the two States may reasonably disagree.
1, 22 (1983) ("Congress's clear intent, in the Arbitration Act, [is] to move the parties to an arbitrable dispute out of court and into arbitration as quickly and easily as possible.
Opened in 1997, PIRC is the nation's first law school clinic in which Juris Doctor students, for academic credit and under close faculty supervision, provide pro bono representation to individual investors of modest means in arbitrable securities disputes against broker-dealers and their associated persons.
It was said that it would be for the Working Group to define whether arbitrable matters could be defined in a generic manner, possibly with an illustrative list of such matters, or whether the legislative provision to be prepared in respect of arbitrability should identify the topics that were not arbitrable.
38) The issue concerned the proper characterization of the subject of deployment--was it inarbitrable because the Act restricted the employer police board from directing a police chief in relation to operational decisions, or was it arbitrable as a "working condition'?
Le droit des investissements est cependant loin d'etre la seule matiere arbitrable qui mette en leu un interet plus general que celui des parties; que l'on pense notamment au droit de la concurrence ou au droit de l'environnement.
However, in view of the fact that Woo sought damages for infliction of emotional distress, the court directed that on remand, the trial court should consider whether that aspect of Woo's claim against Robertson was arbitrable, or whether or not that aspect of the dispute between the parties was to be tried in court.
The insurance policy contained a provision making arbitrable all disputes where the amount at issue was $1 million or less.
matters that were arbitrable, and those that were not, was considerably