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His pseudonym Araucaria is Latin for monkey puzzle tree.
Clearly a useful prospect after scoring with plenty in hand at Sedgefield, Rhas the Weatherman's trainer Donald McCain can also saddle Araucaria to win the EBF Mares' Novices' Chase.
It will be interesting to see if Donald McCain can nurse Araucaria back to her best when she has her first start for the yard in the EBF/TBA Mares' Novices' Chase.
Aquino's last stop is Xiamen, which includes a trip to Hongjian Village in Fujian Province where he will view the araucaria tree planted in 1988 by his mother, former President Corazon Aquino.
The ten chapters in this book cover in detail the chemical constituents, medicinal applications and growth patterns of species such as Melaleuca, Acacia, Eucalyptus, Grevillea, Canarium and Araucaria.
With patience and skill, Rocha gently places his hands on the strings of his latest instrument, a "cavaquinho" -- a small, four-stringed guitar -- freshly painted, and made of three native woods: imbuia, known as Brazilian walnut, jacaranda, a blue-flowering tree, and an evergreen tree known as araucaria.
Armed with saplings of perennial and seasonal plants, notably Hamelia, Ixora, Acalypha, Araucaria, Lavender, Kochia and Euphorbia Milii, around 1,200 men of the NDMC's horticulture department were involved in this massive plantation exercise.
A: Araucaria trees are very slow growing so I suggest that you save yourself any problems by simply purchasing a young tree if you must.
Araucaria looks best in the bumper while King Of The Refs will be hard to beat in the opener.
The firmas Araucaria unit in Brazil is the largest soybean protein concentrate plant in the world.
The study area in the Atlantic Forest included mature, selectively logged, and secondary forest at 550-600 m elevation in Parque Provincial de la Araucaria (26[degrees] 38' S, 54[degrees] 07' W), Parque Provincial Cruce Caballero (26[degrees] 31' S, 53[degrees] 58' W), and Tobuna (26[degrees] 28' S, 53[degrees] 53' W), in the Department of San Pedro.
Explants were taken from primary plagiotropic stem (PPS), secondary plagiotropic stem (apical) (SPSA) and secondary plagiotropic stem (sub-apical) (SPSSA) of Araucaria excelsa R.
The southern region has Araucaria forests at higher altitudes and neotropical Atlantic rain forest along the coast.
The project required the straight-stemmed Araucaria evergreen trees, which Planters brought from a grower in the southern US state of Florida .
5-m Araucaria araucana, two 4-m Ligustrum ovalifolium, twelve 3.