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a mineral form of crystalline calcium carbonate

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The intensity, duration, and severity of low aragonite saturation state events on the California continental shelf.
SEM indicated that the aragonite crystal-lattice within experimental otoliths was orientated perpendicularly to daily increments (Fig.
As acidity of seawater rises, the saturation level of aragonite drops.
Sandberg (1983, 1985) found that the composition of nonskeletal carbonate precipitates (early marine cements and ooliths) has undergone oscillations during Phanerozoic time: there have been three intervals of aragonite seas (Early Cambrian, Late Carboniferous-Early Jurassic, Oligocene-Recent), and two intervals of calcite seas (Middle Cambrian Early Carboniferous, Middle JurassicEocene) (Stanley 2006).
A final caveat is necessary because it remains possible that preservation effects, particularly for labile elements that are not incorporated into the aragonite lattice, may also have contributed to at least some of the differences among locations (Milton and Chenery, 1998; Proctor et al.
Pre-Qualification: 1) The bidder should have be a manufacturer / Authorized dealer of fire suppression product FM 200 / NOVEC 1230 / Aragonite systems.
The calcified parts of the ligament contain aragonite (Kahler et al.
The team reconstructed a rainfall record stretching back 450 years from unprecedented speleothem samples from Yok Balum cave in Belize using uranium thorium dating from the chemical composition in the speleothems containing aragonite, which is high in uranium.
The sample was not chemically pre-treated, but X-ray diffraction screening was undertaken to determine what proportions of the shell matrix could influence the accuracy of any radiocarbon date through recrystallisation from aragonite to calcite.
As shown by previous studies (Lohmann & Meyers 1977), microdolomite inclusions result from the redistribution of Mg ions during recrystallization and therefore the association with microdolomite inclusions suggests that high-Mg calcite, not low-Mg calcite or aragonite, was their original mineralogy, although the lower abundance of microdolomite in Hedstroemia suggests that high-Mg calcite may have formed only an admixture.
US Aragonite Enterprises Commercializes Milk Container Using Calcium Carbonate Additive
In addition to the notion that otolith shape is less variable as fish age and mature (Campana and Casselman, 1993), Gauldie and Nelson (1990) also found that faster otolith growth (often occurring among the youngest age groups) resulted in long, thin aragonite crystals.
95; Roost Aragonite Cuff, $172; West African Bronze inlay bracelet, $26; Island Gold Amber Druzy ring, $35
The California Current is one of the first places worldwide that will experience surface to seafloor aragonite under-saturation.