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a morbid fear of spiders

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WHAT is the point in writing a feature about an arachnophobia course (Telegraph, October 2) and putting two large pictures of tarantulas in the middle of the page?
As they're preparing for the screen test and investigating a murder or two, who should cross their path but a girl Harry fancied at school (Michelle Monaghan - not the one who came to see Arachnophobia with me).
Jim Isaac (who directed special effects for NAKED LUNCH, EXISTENZ, THE FLY, ARACHNOPHOBIA and ENEMY MINE) will direct.
If you don't already have arachnophobia (that's an irrational fear of spiders), you might after seeing this sci-fi flick.
The Spiders, Arachnophobia- Arachnophobia created a whole new generation of spider haters.
Perhaps my acceptance of disappointment regarding Newcastle Utd and my arachnophobia stem from colour television
Images of victims impaled on giant arachnid claws in sci-fi flicks like 1997's Starship Troopers and armies of aggressive poisonous spiders in 1990's Arachnophobia really don't help matters.
Arachnophobia workshops have been held at Dudley Zoo for the past four years, and there's no shortage in demand to tackle the terror.
Aversion to spiders - or arachnophobia - topped the list of fears in a study of nearly 2,000 people aged 18-30 by holiday company www.
Pat Eddery continued his good start to 2010 with a double, courtesy of Arachnophobia and Desert Recluse.
com/ Ocean Park, Hong Kong -- Halloween Bash 2004, including a Cursed Castle, Laser Music Madness, Samurai's Revenge, and Arachnophobia events.
While Norette wouldn't claim to suffer from arachnophobia, she has demonstrated some of the symptoms during her 35 years.
One of the subjects we will be looking at is arachnophobia in the Natural History section and we'llhave a collection of spiders and scorpions.