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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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The "veredas" are areas protected under law due their environmental values, such as recharge of aquiferous reservoirs but, even so, tracts of these native areas are gradually being replaced by Eucalyptus plantations.
The medium-to-coarse grained sands and fine gravel materials are generally aquiferous.
The definition of the phylum, based on the aquiferous system and .
Possibility of the water bearing units is also indicated by the sharp resistivity contrast between the aquiferous zones and the high apparent resistivity value of the crystalline/fresh basement, which are not aquiferous.
30/11-11 A witnessed a corresponding reservoir in the Tarbert formation, but it is aquiferous with traces of hydrocarbons.
1999), aquiferous architecture (Leys and Eerkes-Medrano, 2006), food concentration in the surrounding water (Duckworth et al.
The well encountered about 96 metres of aquiferous sandstone in the Cook formation with poor to moderate reservoir quality.
Why is it that the eumetazoan lineage consists of a wide diversity of body plans while sponge morphologies represent modifications of a unique aquiferous body plan that lacks cellular and morphological features found elsewhere in the animal kingdom (Simpson, 1984)?
Aquiferous system and choanocyte chambers in Haliclona elegans (Porifera, Demospongiae).
in the excurrent aquiferous canals, releasing their cytoplasmic compounds and symbionts into the seawater.
The upper side collects quartz and silicates, which strengthens the collagenous structure; this is a dynamic process comprising incorporation of the particles and resizing of the quartz grains, with their elimination via the aquiferous system (Bavestrello et al.