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a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients

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Already have an aquiculture project, and have a gasoline station on the island that is gaining popularity and market share.
Derek Hall (Chapter 8) tells a fascinating story about how decades of Japanese imports of forestry, agricultural, marine and aquiculture products from Southeast Asia have left irreversible footprints in the ecology of the region.
During those years, a significant process of change has caused mainly due to the implementation of aquiculture since 1974.
Tilapia in Peru: aquiculture, market, and perspectives
Of particular concern to aquiculture farmers in the state of Mississippi is the impact upon the catfish farming industry from OPs.
The one that caught his attention is aquiculture, and coincidentally, Kentucky State University in Frankfort conducts the majority of this research.
The Division's stated purposes were "to promote the conservation activities of the states," "to foster and encourage aquiculture," and "to aid industry in the utilization of aquatic resources.
Again, technology can help in the form of aquiculture.
In 1990 the world volume of catches of the different species of flat and concave oysters was more than one million tons, although the statistics do not make explicit how much is from wild populations and how much is from aquiculture.
Department of Commerce has been promoting a plan to subsidize and expand the domestic aquiculture industry, which would probably include the expansion of finfish farming.
The indiscriminate spread of shrimp hatcheries and aquiculture farms around Kolleru Lake has raised salinity levels in the soil, ruining conventional farming practices.
The school also started a course in aquiculture and converted an unused bulk storage tank for milk - with its failing dairy industry, Wisconsin has many of them - into a fish tank for raising rainbow trout so that students can explore new methods of earning a living in a part of the country more accustomed to raising cows.
Finally, efforts are underway to increase freshwater fish production through investments in aquiculture, to increase fingerling production to stock Cuban rivers.
Aquiculture ventures with this fast-growing fish now flourish in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon, and operate on a limited basis in Colorado.