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a technique of growing plants (without soil) in water containing dissolved nutrients

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Already have an aquiculture project, and have a gasoline station on the island that is gaining popularity and market share.
The one that caught his attention is aquiculture, and coincidentally, Kentucky State University in Frankfort conducts the majority of this research.
The Division's stated purposes were "to promote the conservation activities of the states," "to foster and encourage aquiculture," and "to aid industry in the utilization of aquatic resources.
Again, technology can help in the form of aquiculture.
Aquiculture ventures with this fast-growing fish now flourish in Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon, and operate on a limited basis in Colorado.
Review and Outlook of China's Aquiculture Feed Market, 2012/2013
About 420,000 fishermen and their families depend on fish catching and aquiculture for a living.
Well-equipped with the basics of aquiculture production, RPQ sent the members back to their cooperatives with the promise to help any member cooperative interested with the process of writing grant proposals to the government for their own project seed money.