aqueous humor

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the limpid fluid within the eyeball between the cornea and the lens

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Measurement of physiologic glucose levels using Raman spectroscopy in a rabbit aqueous humor model.
Selenium concentrations in serum, lens and aqueous humor of patients with senile cataract.
The surgery involves removing a small piece of the white, outer shell of the eye, to create a channel through which the aqueous humor fluid can flow.
show that the production of the ABTS radical cation in the presence of human aqueous humor follows lag phase kinetics consistent with this fluid acting as a sacrificial antioxidant.
In the second study PPL-003 demonstrated efficacy in an experimental uveitis model by significantly suppressing the cellular inflammatory response in the anterior chamber and reducing the protein content of the anterior chamber aqueous humor.
Cell number and protein concentration in the aqueous humor begin to increase 6 hours after the endotoxin injection and reach a peak at 24 hours before gradually decreasing.
It was developed in collaboration with the University of Miami's Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, and it provides a quick and simple method of shunting aqueous humor from the anterior chamber to a diffuse bleb without the need for a scleral flap.
The study showed that the I-SugarX[TM] non-invasive polarimetric based measurements of glucose in the aqueous humor of eye tracked glucose measurements in the blood with 93 percent of readings in the A zone and the remaining seven percent in the B zone of the Clarke Error Grid (CEG).
The compound has demonstrated the ability to lower intraocular pressure by stimulating aqueous humor outflow via trabecular meshwork through an activation of adenosine A2a receptor.
If the aqueous humor is not removed rapidly enough or the eye fills too rapidly, pressure builds up in the eye, which can result in glaucoma.
Ex-PRESS[TM] device reduces intraocular pressure (IOP) by diverting the aqueous humor from the anterior chamber into the subconjunctival space of the eye.
The goal of glaucoma filtration surgery is to reduce IOP by facilitating drainage of aqueous humor through a surgically created fistula into a filtering bleb, where the fluid is captured and reabsorbed into the systemic circulation.
In addition to Reflective Pulse Oximetry Sensor,tBPC has also developed cutting edge technologies that measure the glucose concentration in the aqueous humor of the eye by multi-modes optical detection without drawing blood samples from the finger.
The most common form of glaucoma is characterized by a build up of pressure in the eye when aqueous humor - the fluid inside the eye - is unable to flow out of the eye at its normal rate.
Additionally, INO-8875 may have a secondary mechanism of action that leads to a decrease in IOP through a reduction in aqueous humor production.