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The Swiss artist Samuel Birmann (1793-1847) was also captivated by Chamonix and its environs; through drawings and aquatints of this splendid subject, he exhorted visitors to take in the glacier's 'beautiful blue-green crevasses'.
Other literary works which have inspired her include Peter Pan - coloured aquatints which make you think of early 20th century illustrators like Arthur Rackham but take a more independent stance in illustrating scenes of casual violence - Jane Eyre and Blake Morrison's The Witches of Pendle.
In May this year Christie's New York sold an etching and aquatint done in 1938 and titled Girl with Tambourine for pounds 401,800.
His black-and-white aquatints depict scenes and objects.
The watercolour was among a collection which formed the models for a famous set of aquatints, the work of engraver Francis Jukes, published by Thomas Martyn in 1788.
The entire gamut of printmaking processes is represented: lithographs, etchings, screen prints, aquatints, woodcuts, and linocuts.
A recent exhibit of Thrash's work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art featured his carborundum prints, his etchings, lithographs, aquatints and watercolors.
The complete folio of Bodmer's aquatints from the expidition will be there: 81 prints priced from $700 to more than $30,000.
Also included in the group is Les Damnations, a portfolio of 63 pages and 11 etchings and aquatints, signed by the artist (estimate: $6,500-7,500).
Select works include lithographs from Picasso's portfolio Le Gout du Bonheur, "A suite of happy, playful and erotic drawings"; original aquatints from Picasso's Sable Mouvant; color engravings from Dali's Paradis Terrestre (Paradise Lost) and color woodblock prints from Dali's Divine Comedy.
They range from etchings to aquatints and screen prints, and the varied subject matter caters for all tastes Zombies is the lively theme for Helen Aldous's screen prints, which bear the messages At Dead of Night they Rise from their Slumber to Walk the Earth, and Destined to remain a Zombie for all eternity until He discovered the Elixir of Life.