aquatic vertebrate

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animal living wholly or chiefly in or on water

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Sharks, paddlefishes and several other aquatic vertebrates have similar sensory systems have a sixth sense, and can detect weak electrical fields in the water and use this information to detect prey, communicate and orient themselves.
In this study we conclude that the majority of the small, elongate to spherical specimens found in sandstone lenses at the base of the shale in unit 2 in the Michigan Formation are coprolites from aquatic vertebrates.
Periodic influxes of flood water would have ended the hypersaline conditions that favored the formation of gypsum, and reduced salinities to more normal marine or even brackish conditions, favoring an influx of aquatic vertebrates into the shallow, marginal basin.
IT must be the dreaming spires that send Oxford to sleep at the Kassam Stadium, but the boys from boffin alley are an entirely different kettle of cold-blooded aquatic vertebrates when they hit the road.
However, aquatic vertebrates with rudimentary legs disappear from the fossil record about 360 million years ago, says Jennifer A.
Overview of USEPA Tests with Aquatic Vertebrates for Detecting and Assessing Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- People experience the world through five senses but sharks, paddlefishes and certain other aquatic vertebrates have a sixth sense: They can detect weak electrical fields in the water and use this information to detect prey, communicate and orient themselves.
Despite the known action of perchlorate on iodide uptake by the mammalian thyroid gland (Capen 1997; Wolff 1998) and evidence of perchlorate occurrence in aquatic ecosystems, remarkably few studies have investigated the effects of perchlorate on thyroid function of aquatic vertebrates.
Our histologic studies showed that thyroid follicular epithelial cell height is a sensitive and appropriate biomarker for perchlorate exposure in aquatic vertebrates.
With gaping, round mouths ringed by sharp, horny teeth, lampreys are among the most primitive of aquatic vertebrates.
Estrogenic endocrine-disrupting chemicals abnormally stimulate vitellogenin gene expression and production in the liver of many male aquatic vertebrates.
Identification of endocrine-disrupting effects in aquatic vertebrates and invertebrates: report from the European IDEA project.