aquatic fern

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Discounting the tree variety and the tiny aquatic fern sold as fairy moss for ponds, garden ferns vary from about a foot or so high to giants, which have fronds reaching about 5ft.
Diversity changes in lycopsid and aquatic fern megaspores through geologic time.
The first record of the aquatic fern Marsilea minuta (syn.
The aim of the present study was to characterize the nature and binding mechanism of chemical groups occurring in the aquatic fern A.
Changes in the lanthanum distribution following decapitation of the sporophytes of an aquatic fern Marsilea drummondii.
Genetic variation and clonal diversity of the endangered aquatic fern Ceratopteris pteridoides as revealed by AFLP analyses.
Rothfels' project is to understand the symbiotic relationship between aquatic ferns of the genus Azolla and the microbiome housed within the chambers of its leaves, which provides the fern with extraordinary nitrogen-fixation abilities and the ability to remediate water contaminated with high concentrations of heavy metals and other toxins.
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