aquatic fern

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Diversity changes in lycopsid and aquatic fern megaspores through geologic time.
2005) observed a 25% growth reduction in adult plants of the aquatic fern Azollafiliculoides Lam.
The aim of the present study was to characterize the nature and binding mechanism of chemical groups occurring in the aquatic fern A.
In this sense, the aquatic fern Azolla has been reported to accumulate high concentration of heavy metals and metalloids (3-4 mgL-1) from aqueous media (Khosravi et al.
Changes in the lanthanum distribution following decapitation of the sporophytes of an aquatic fern Marsilea drummondii.
Arsenic accumulation by the aquatic fern Azolla: comparison of arsenate uptake, speciation and efflux by A.
They found four species of aquatic ferns to efficiently absorb crude oil with their hairy leaves whilst repelling water.
Nutricional value of aquatic ferns (Azolla filiculoides Lam.
Effects of five rice herbicides on the growth of two threatened aquatic ferns.
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