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rearing aquatic animals or cultivating aquatic plants for food

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At the same time, commercial aquaculture facilities are not subject to agricultural insurance with state support under the Federal Law "On State Support in the Sphere of Agricultural Insurance and on Amending the Federal Law" On the Development of Agriculture ".
To reduce risks from natural climatic conditions, a transition to new technologies, technical modernization, as well as the development of an institute for the insurance of commodity aquaculture risks and the adoption of government support measures are necessary.
PAS) for their outstanding leadership and devoted service for the advancement of aquaculture in the country.
In 1978, he received the Ten Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) award for Aquaculture and Fisheries conferred by the Philippine Jaycees.
Mote scientists hope to provide this essential knowledge to help the aquaculture industry produce healthy, juvenile almaco jack in land-based farms to supply offshore cage farms.
Almaco jack farmed in recirculating aquaculture systems designed to clean and recycle water--are listed as a great sustainable seafood choice by Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch guide and offshore-farmed almaco jack are listed as a good alternative.
Specifics of the RCF Sustainable Aquaculture Project
pioneering offshore aquaculture in the United States.
Key words: Fish production, capture fisheries, culture systems, Economic Stimulus Programme, aquaculture
Globally, aquaculture is the fastest growing form of animal husbandry with 11% growth rate recorded over the last decade In 1973, developing countries produced 58% of the world's aquaculture products, but that share had grown to 89% by 1997 [1].
Keywords: Aquaponic; Aquaculture; Integration; Sustainable; Integrated aquaculture
The development of aquaculture industry has become a major economic importance worldwide.
Dawood bin Suleiman al-Yahya'ee, Director of Aquaculture Development Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said in a press statement for Al Roya " newspaper that applications could be submitted for commercial aquaculture projects, land and sea, on Sunday, 7th August and that those projects are intended for Omani institutions and companies wishing to establish commercial aquaculture projects.
armoricana can effectively be used as a biological filter for dissolved nutrient uptake from aquaculture effluents.
The objective of the workshop is to make successful implementation of the TCP project and dissemination of the project will make significant contribution to sustainable development of aquaculture production in Pakistan.