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of or relating to aquiculture

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In 2011, employment in the agricultural sector was more than one million, (1) with most of employment concentrated in two occupations directly related to the major economic activity of the sector: (1) farmworkers and laborers working in crop, nursery, and greenhouse establishments; and (2) farmworkers working with farm, ranch, and aquacultural animals.
Turkish exporters shipped mostly textiles, grains and legumes, aquacultural products and dry fruits to Iraq.
Exchange rate and market liberalization policies put in place by recent Chilean administrations with the stated goal of promoting exports in both traditional and non-traditional sectors have resulted in a relative boom for the aquacultural activities in particular.
However, Schering Plough, the manufacturer of florfenicol, reports first marketing this agent for aquacultural use in Japan in 1990 (D.
With this aquacultural growth comes the need for a rapidly expanding aquafeed industry, one where feeds are formulated by fish nutritionists, much as they are for today's poultry industry.
In late 2004, negotiations to decommission the catfish farm and remove all aquacultural facilities were complete.
Of greater concern to me, my team and everyone involved with No Catch is that, as founders of a sustainable alternative to endangered wild cod stocks and pioneers of ground-breaking aquacultural techniques, we continue to lead by example.
They follow the method used in taxonomic studies of calanoid copepods by Mauchline (1987) and distinguish organisms from Panama and Mexico whose portlarvae have three and four dorsal spines, but do not mention the aquacultural importance of their finding.
An EU spokesman said: "The objective is to look at how husbandry practice, aquacultural systems and pre-slaughter conditions contribute to the flesh quality and ethical quality of seafood.
The first is the decision by the new Antitrust Modernization Commission to study all antitrust exemptions, including those enacted to promote cooperative marketing of agricultural and aquacultural products.
Aquacultural practices seek to find ways to domesticate the production of marine resources in order to increase yields without further depleting the wild marine resources--an eco-friendly way to get fish and seafood to market.
The farm holds a lot of promise--it has a self-contained water table, two dams to reserve stream water, agricultural and aquacultural resources--but after years of neglect, it requires an overhaul
In response, a number of anti-dumping suits have been filed against foreign aquacultural producers.