aqua vitae

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strong distilled liquor or brandy

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Truth be told - nobody really knows much about the origin of whisky, or why it was dubbed aqua vitae when the first written record of the liquor pertains to an Irish chieftain drinking himself to an ironic death on the Christmas of 1405.
94) sought to utilize alchemy to heal and prolong life via the extracted pure part, which alchemists referred to as the fifth essence, aqua vitae, elixir, or Philosophers' Stone.
There is never enough time to be perfect in all things, so be good in a few," says Alexandra Angle, who, with husband Eliot, runs the firm Aqua Vitae Design in Los Angeles.
The idea of enjoying a slow, healthy finger of Aqua Vitae in an exotic locale appeals.
The full expression is uisce beatha 'water of life' and this is echoed in terms such as aqua vitae, eau de vie and the Russian vodka, which is just a variant form of voda which also means 'water'.
As evidence of her contributions, Dickson cites several entries in the Aqua Vitae that use the first person or third person plural to indicate that both partners were involved in various discoveries and proofs.
Two thirteenth-century Spanish alchemists, Arnau de Villanova and Raymond Lully, introduced the use of wine spirits, which they called aqua vitae (water of life), as a solvent into European medicine.
The aqua vitae created by alchemists remained a scientific curiosity, a substance not easily assimilated into regular diet.
They include: wild turkeys, ducks, geese, swans, deer, cod, sea bass, cornmeal (to make bread), pumpkins (to be stewed with cinnamon), prunes (to make fruit tarts), squash, parsnips, carrots and turnips, onions and cabbage (to be boiled or stewed), beer (even for the children), Aqua vitae (brandy), knives and spoons, and three-foot-square linen napkins.
Some of the vendors in the water filtration category include Brita, Teledyne, Solis, Aqua Vitae, Nordic Ware and Pollenex.
It kicked off on Sunday with a Danceathon at the Aqua Vitae Spa at Matfen Hall hotel, where guests were sponsored to take part in one to fours hours of non-stop dance.
The seriously religious Pilgrims didn't condone wild partying, frivolity or excessive drinking of either beer, the most popular beverage of the time, or aqua vitae, a strong liquor made from distilling wine or beer.