aqua fortis

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acid used especially in the production of fertilizers and explosives and rocket fuels


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that is not unworthy of the curious reader, the vitriol of the sun of the ruby variety, which is confected from the phlegm of aqua fortis and sea salt in a sequential matter.
If you wish I will also illustrate 'El Filibusterismo,' and if you like, give me a brief subject for propaganda, so that with 10 or 15 drawings in aqua fortis, a little book can be made in the style of children's stories that are made here, sometimes in the form of caricature, sometimes in more serious style.
His recovery of silver from solution in aqua fortis showed the persistence of unchanged silver and supported its microparticulate structure.
Her pedigree was pure Australian for the first three generations, her male line great-grandsire Aqua Fortis having won the Victorian Waterloo Cup in 1899.
The manuscript is full of references to the aquila or eagle (the volatile principle or sal ammoniac), aqua fortis or "strong water" (mainly nitric acid), aqua vitae (concentrated alcohol, often distilled wine), "dragons," (symbolizing "the volatile and fixed principles [mercury and sulphur]," 253), sophic mercury (describing the universal agent of transmutation) and the urine of Saturn (an ammonium salt), just to name a few.