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Synonyms for aptness

Synonyms for aptness

a disposition to behave in a certain way


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appropriateness for the occasion

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In Samoa, this state of aptness is expressed in oratorical expressions at formal occasions, when people are appropriately seated according to status and rank.
Despite the persistent debate in legal and political circles about the aptness of making a former chief justice a state governor, the 65-year old Sathasivam defended himself stating there was nothing wrong in his being chosen as the governor.
Understood in this way, she argues that aptness is to be considered a third category for moral reflection along with the categories already well-established: goodness and rightness.
THERE'S a certain aptness about the small wooden sign hanging in the kitchen of Andrea McLean's home, which proclaims, "I'm not sure if life is passing me by or trying to run me over".
The features of this city which lend a degree of aptness to that expression make far more promising material for interesting TV than do the redeeming features suggested by him.
When we encounter a belief that we hold and assess in this way, we feel compelled to tell ourselves a story about the aptness of the belief, and if such a story fails, we find ourselves revising, adjusting, or abandoning it.
I take as much pleasure in contemplating the tool and enjoying its aptness for the job, the rightness of its design, and the quality of its materials and construction, as I do in anything it can accomplish," one of my oldest friends said to me recently.
Commenting on the aptness of the theme "Managing Change: Role of Leadership and Institutions", he said leadership was important at every level in business, administration, judiciary and media
The inaugural production at the newlyopened PS28m Hope Street venue, which stars Matthew Kelly as Sir Toby Belch, was chosen by the artistic team for its aptness.
Thus the students stepped away from what was initially familiar to them and reflected critically on the aptness of multiple modes to their central message in the digital story.
For example, Sosa's discussion of aptness and meta-aptness (119-20) is very reminiscent of Plantinga's distinction between design and purpose in the second chapter of Warrant and Proper Function.
There is a need to understand the choices made by the poor at the micro level rather than exploring the causes of poverty, aptness of democracy and free markets, and effectiveness of foreign aid at macro level.
She is equipped with highly creative weaponry and an aptness for gymnastics and martial arts.
143) but he simply takes for granted the aptness of such an analogy as he does not feel any need to justify it.
We also begin to see the aptness of Sandmo's chosen title.