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Media Contact: Marian Amo, Aptly Cards, 3476874109, aptlycards@gmail.
Mansize Rooster and Britpop anthem Alright were real crowd pleasers, and they ended aptly with the song that started it all, the punky Caught By The Fuzz.
In this episode, Paris's cousin, Ulysses, who has been more aptly renamed "Useless," launches the men into a crime to be solved and many people to be saved.
Owens and aptly selected to showcase poems contributed by forty poets along with fascinating commentaries on their experiences with respect to writing the included poems.
Niskanen ("Give divided government a chance," October) makes some great points about the blunders of one-party government, and aptly points to the Vietnam debacle under President Lyndon Johnson.
Graciela, Caridad, Leticia, Raquel, Berta, and the aptly named Imperio commute to work at a Union City, N.
The collection is aptly recommended for the late-intermediate level and could serve as a wonderful catalyst to the development of musical personality.
In her piece on the house built from recycled paper ("A House Made From Paper," House and Home, January/February 2006), Beverly Burmeier aptly referred to papier mache--the French words for "chewed paper.
The book is aptly titled because McGivney was primarily a parish priest, a shepherd who "brought the same manner to all human souls" Ordained when European immigrants faced anti-Catholic prejudice, McGivney and others recognized that "the church would have to blend into American life and cater to its particular insecurities.
This guide focuses on 69 arthropods, mostly from North America, and investigates their defense mechanisms, be they chemical, behavioral, or morphologic Each chapter is devoted to a different creature, from the aptly named vinegaroon to the stinging honeybee, and includes both the common and scientific names, an in-depth description of their weapons of choice, and color photos of the arthropod in action.
These folks are aptly referred to as "Very Important Patriots.
Earning an MFA in poetry from Vermont College and named 1990 Poet Laureate of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, as well as winner of the First Prize in Water-Stone's 1999 Jane Kenyon Poetry Contest, Goldfinch And Memory, is the debut publication of Mary Coolidge Costs poetry and will aptly serve to bring her impressive work to the attention of a national readership.
Three different grade levels are aptly served by Thomson's fine biographical sketches.
So, personally I read the website just for the juicy gossip column, the aptly named Eavesdrop section, the remaining tantalising headlines not being accessible.
Those who are convinced that our schools require fundamental reform, Howell aptly concludes, had best look beyond the boardroom.