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Neither he nor his son-in-law had any mechanical aptitude.
Will he not also require natural aptitude for his calling?
I have neither aptitude nor inclination for fiction.
You have shown, besides, a singular aptitude for getting into false positions; and, yes, upon the whole, for behaving well in them.
Now, our friend the Colonel had a great aptitude for all games of chance: and exercising himself, as he continually did, with the cards, the dice- box, or the cue, it is natural to suppose that he attained a much greater skill in the use of these articles than men can possess who only occasionally handle them.
He, who had in her opinion such a marked aptitude for a political career, in which he would have been certain to play a leading part--he had sacrificed his ambition for her sake, and never betrayed the slightest regret.
Again referring to the 'Encyclopaedia,' we find the words: 'Before undertaking the management of a modern apiary, the beekeeper should possess a certain amount of aptitude for the pursuit.
Her natural woman's aptitude soon renders her able to give a little help.
He had led an easy life, ordering much and working little, and had no aptitude for any new business.
Indeed he so overflowed with liberality and condescension, that, in the fulness of his heart, he invited Mr Swiveller to partake of a bowl of punch with him at that remote and indefinite period which is currently denominated 'one of these days,' and paid him many handsome compliments on the uncommon aptitude for business which his conduct on the first day of his devotion to it had so plainly evinced.
YouScience has developed the first student profile that allows students to discover the intersection of their aptitudes, interests and career opportunities to confidently set a direction for education and career success.
Majid bin Ali Al-Nuaimi, emphasized in his inaugural speech the significance of maintaining an equilibrium between student needs, aptitudes and dispositions on the one hand and labour market requirements on the other.
While left-brain-directed aptitudes will still be relevant, they will no longer be sufficient.
According to Frank Schmidt from the University of Iowa, author of the new paper, aptitude tests predict how well people will do in schools and on jobs, and doing well in them depends on general intelligence rather than specific aptitudes.
It has been suggested that reading and English aptitudes are related to formal writing ability, yet neither the reading nor the English aptitudes of undergraduate nursing students have been described in the literature, and the relationships that reading and English aptitude have with formal writing ability have not been explored.