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Synonyms for apse

a domed or vaulted recess or projection on a building especially the east end of a church

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Like the houses of a previous period, the name of these megalithic constructions derives from their elongated, horseshoe shape with an apsidal back and straight or slightly concave front side, which resembles an inverted boat (nau in Catalan).
The outdoor area will feature large-scale garden sculptures, water-features, seats and planters while smaller dishes and vases will be seen in cases in the Apsidal Gallery at one end of the Orangery.
Reobservation of the orbits of ten spectroscopic binaries with a discussion of apsidal motions.
Gaul Utopia, Fontevrault's abbey church is laid out with an eastern apsidal end while the cloister is arranged along its southern flank.
Apart from providing an opportunity to think again about the dating of various structural phases at some of the Welsh castles in our care, research for our guidebook programme has led to a reappraisal of apsidal towers.
Method B equates the areal velocities at the apsidal points.
Honington Hall, in Warwickshire, dating from 1682, got some similar treatment with its apsidal porch hood, and architectural historian Pevsner pronounced each example as 'lovely' in the two separate county editions of his Buildings of England series.
From the square townsmen view the church's apse and radiating symmetrical apsidal chapels.
Instead they indicated that he would receive one of four apsidal chapels at their discretion.
When first built, the church had an apsidal chancel, which was really nothing more than a semi-circular recess.