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Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach

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4 on the Richter scale, shaking my house and the apricot tree, like a toddler gripping an Etch A Sketch.
Here's the first section in it's entirety: "apricot trees exist, apricot trees exist.
The Turkish menswear exhibitors include: Bil's White, a collection of lushly detailed woven shirts based on the "White Shirt Concept"; Damat-Tween, cutting edge, contemporary sportswear and European styled suits for sophisticated, active men; Lenny Turk, hand painted sportswear and leather outerwear, denim and accessories, Hecin, a collection of knits and tops with a young attitude; Abbate dress shirts, Gerboy dress shirts, Enrico Marinelli shirts and suits, Apricot Tree dress shirts, Jamie Page coats and suits, Newark & Franco Negretti dress shirts, Pan T shirts and shirts, and Athiss dress shirts.
In the last three years we have also planted 100 pine trees for a windbreak, 100 Lombardy poplar trees, one apricot tree, four apple trees, one cherry, two pear, two peach, and a large asparagus bed.
Beth Uyehara of Reseda sent an e-mail about a jacaranda tree planted last October that is ``as tall as our mature apricot tree but looks like a pole with short leafy branchlets coming out all around it.
Also, we have an apricot tree that, in the past six years, has given fruit only once and a peach tree that needs help.
The raiders even slipped over to the equally pampered apricot tree and disappeared with every last still-green fruit.
Squirrels can strip a peach or apricot tree of hundreds of fruits in a single night.
Photo: Bull's-eye rotting spot aboveand mummified fruit at right show brown rot has had its way with this apricot tree
In fact the city's official tree is the apricot tree.
On the same day that state and federal agriculture officials declared victory against the Mediterranean fruit fly, one turned up in a Burbank apricot tree.
Despite intensified trapping efforts, no additional Mediterranean fruit flies were found Thursday in the one-square-mile area surrounding the Burbank apricot tree where a female Medfly was found Monday.
On the same day that state and federal agriculture officials declared victory in the war against the crop-killing Mediterranean fruit fly, the enemy resurfaced in a Burbank apricot tree.
Apricot trees in Malatya province, cherry, apple, walnut, apricot and plum trees in Isparta, apple and apricot trees in Kayseri, apple, apricot and cherry trees in Karaman and Niy-de, pear, apple, plum and peach trees in Bursa, apricot trees in KahramanmaraE-, vineyards in Manisa and several types of fruit trees in Antalya have been negatively affected by poor weather conditions, Bayraktar said.
The Bible says even in war, you're not supposed to cut down trees," said Daher, the harsh Middle Eastern sun beating down at midday as he pointed out the pile of dirt and stones at the bottom of the valley that used to be apricot trees and grape vines.