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Synonyms for appurtenance

a subordinate element added to another entity

Synonyms for appurtenance

equipment consisting of miscellaneous articles needed for a particular operation or sport etc

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W,ACTUAL] denotes the sound power level of the appurtenance only, [L.
It is difficult to single out the operating conditions of the line or any one of the appurtenances that this pipeline contained to be the root cause of the difficulties during the in-line inspection.
What all these shows have in common is the exploitation (in the nicest way) of vernacular dance and music, combined with many of the appurtenances (lasers, computers, and the rest of the high-tech paraphernalia) and even methods in the production and presentation of pop concerts.
The GIS project will use the maps to create a digital data base of the city's water facilities, including all water mains and appurtenances.
Our Morgan City facility will handle the fabrication of the jacket weighing approximately 7,500 MT, while the 4,700 MT topside plus 4,500 MT of piles and appurtenances will be built at Jebel Ali.
The Major Work To Be Performed Under This Contract Consists Of Furnishing All Concrete, Steel, Appurtenances, Tools, Equipment, Labor And Incidentals Necessary To Install Complete In Place Approximately 2,000 Linear Feet Of Eight-inch Polyvinyl Chloride Wastewater Pipe And
Post-incident metallurgical and mechanical tests and inspections of the line pipe, fittings, bends, and other appurtenances indicated pipe with weld misalignment, improper bevels of transitions, improper back welds, and improper support of the pipe and appurtenances.
He summarizes, and then dismisses as "inapplicable" to Menzel, the warnings of Adorno and Walter Benjamin, who saw the appurtenances of bourgeois life as untrustworthy "phantasmagoria" and empathy as a modality of commodity fetishism.
Tenders Are Invited For Water Meters And Appurtenances
The product is installed inside the tank, bonded to any metallic tank appurtenances and handrails, and grounded to the site ground.
The accompanying photos usually featured him hard at work on a pinstriping project, or goofing for the camera surrounded by the exotic appurtenances of the emerging beatnik life-style.
water and wastewater utilities face an estimated $1 trillion in infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement costs, primarily for pipelines, treatment plants, pumping stations and related appurtenances.
This project will upgrade existing lift stations with high efficiency pumps, electrical gear, control/monitoring equipment and appurtenances to maintain the necessary level of service and to prevent sanitary sewer overflows.
This option includes the purchase of the lessor's (1) 50% interest in two adjacent properties, which includes an interest in a parking garage attached to the Golden Gates Casino and (2) all rights in easements, rights of way and appurtenances related to the Golden Gates Casino property.
The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County (Metro) and Metro Water Services (MWS) seek a qualified Contractor for the provision of equipment, labor, tools, and materials for the installation of pressure reducing valves, vault, and appurtenances.