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Synonyms for appropriate

Synonyms for appropriate

suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place

consistent with prevailing or accepted standards or circumstances

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for appropriate

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc

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Given the constraints placed on Congress by the Budget Act and its corresponding spending limits, it is difficult for the appropriators to restore all funding to the PTO in the near future.
When we turn to appropriation cases, we find that potential appropriators face very similar moral dangers.
Much evidence suggests that water project contractors use water more efficiently than do prior appropriators.
To show their concern, appropriators are directing FDA to submit a detailed cost-benefit analysis of the effects the rule would have on non-restaurant entities.
In action last month, the House appropriators included an initial commitment of $295 million for the startup of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant program.
Additionally, the order lacks the level of detail needed for both FAA officials and appropriators to easily distinguish between F&E (capital) and Operations expenditures.
Adam Schiff testified before House appropriators Thursday, hoping to earmark in next year's budget the last $1.
It may have only changed for the worse, but he was able to reinvent its image among those who matter: congressional appropriators.
It moved easily through a conference between House and Senate appropriators and was one of the first of the 13 annual spending bills to clear Congress.
US President George W Bush was expected to place a USD40bn limit on spending when he met with House and Senate appropriators, with a White House spokesperson stating, "Spending more money at this time will not be necessary," Reuters reported.
The appropriators also voted to increase the maximum Pell Grant award by $350, which would boost the maximum grant award to $3,650.
However, the appropriators have to contend with President Clinton who has dug in his heels.
A testy Zach Wamp of Tennessee, one of last year's 73 GOP lieutenants, defended TVA to appropriators as "an asset owned by all Americans," and devised a plan to protect its subsidy indefinitely.
2,000,000 by House appropriators Sam Farr (D-Calif.
Today I join with present and past Appropriators in mourning the loss of Louis B.