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McKenna is also not fully satisfied with the conversational analysis of blame's appropriateness, so he then turns to an examination of whether the relevant sort of emotional appropriateness should be articulated, as many other moral responsibility theorists would claim, by the idea of desert.
Evaluations of attractiveness preceded evaluations of novelty and appropriateness so that subjects would have no preconceptions when evaluating creativity.
Based on the literature review and on discussion during a face-to-face meeting, an expert panel comprising adult and pediatric neurologists, epileptologists, and epilepsy surgeons rated clinical scenarios (created from the possible combinations of the aforementioned patient factors) for their appropriateness for an epilepsy surgery evaluation, Dr.
Specifically, we analyze the relationship between established appropriateness criteria for neurologic imaging procedures and Medicare Part B payment determinations.
The SEC's Office of the Chief Accountant has issued a letter addressing the appropriateness of stock-option accounting practices that have led to recent company restatements due to errors in accounting for grants of stock options.
The Board's report examined the offender's behaviour prior to and following his release into the community, the quality and nature of supervision provided, and the appropriateness of Correctional Service of Canada staff safety practices.
That's why the ACR developed the Appropriateness Criteria--evidence-based guidelines to guide the selection of the most appropriate imaging procedure.
He first established a three-factor values framework with which to assess the practices: appropriateness, fairness and effectiveness.
However, questions of educational appropriateness, quality, and standards have gained new focus.
The political/church debate in the United States about whether pro-abortion Catholics may receive Holy Communion is an example of the appropriateness and timeliness of the Holy Year.
The court instructed the district court to determine the appropriateness of the detention facility based on a more developed record.
Better to continue to tough it out for awhile and aim to procure the right staff, than to spend even more time confronting greater problems down the road when your suspicions about the appropriateness of your selection are confirmed.
However, when a transaction lacks economic substance or a business purpose, members should challenge its appropriateness.
This finding, they comment, may reflect a demand for cesareans done simply because women choose them--a practice whose appropriateness, risks, benefits and ethics have stirred much debate.
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