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Synonyms for appropriate

Synonyms for appropriate

suitable for a particular person, condition, occasion, or place

consistent with prevailing or accepted standards or circumstances

to set aside or apart for a specified purpose

to lay claim to for oneself or as one's right

Synonyms for appropriate

give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause

take possession of by force, as after an invasion

suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc

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Some drugs, such as potassium and arthritis preparations, may irritate the stomach if not given with an appropriate amount of fluids-usually 4 to 8 ounces-according to manufacturer specifications.
And such other information as the Secretary considers appropriate to inform Congress fully of the operation of CTR programs and activities, including with respect to proposed demilitarization or conversion projects, information on the progress toward demilitarization of facilities and the conversion of the demilitarized facilities to civilian activities.
Two examples of OPAC interfaces that augment an existing library catalog's metadata scheme in order to make representations more appropriate for children are the Bucherschatz and Book House interfaces.
Transactional net-margin method: Examines the net profit margin relative to an appropriate base (e.
In other words, if your staff member has experience in training and supervision in a pool facility but will be working on your lakefront, he or she doesn't necessarily have the appropriate experience in "a similar aquatic area.
Federal law requires an insured depository institution to provide notice to the public and to the appropriate federal supervisory agency before closing a branch.
A taxpayer that neither elected to waive the carryback period nor applied the two-year carryback period, as discussed above, that wants to relinquish the five-year carryback period, and thus retain the ability to use the two-year carryback period, must file the appropriate form using a two-year carryback period--even if no refund or change in tax liability is shown on the form.
As greater numbers of educators came to the conclusion that inappropriate or ineffective interpersonal skills were learned, it became clear that appropriate and effective interpersonal skills could and should be taught.
Education and training efforts should focus on key areas, such as recognizing the clinical manifestations of SARS, appropriate use of infection control practices and personal protective equipment, rationale and practical guidance for implementing isolation and quarantine, and appropriate use and interpretation of laboratory diagnostic tests.
to gather and comprehend health information; to speak and share personal information about health history and symptoms; to act on information by initiating appropriate follow-up visits and conveying understanding back to the information source; to make decisions about basic healthy behaviors, such as healthy eating and exercise; to engage in self-care and chronic disease management); 3) knowledge (e.
Information is included to assist with prevention and confidentiality issues as appropriate.
1976), and so examples used in digital environments should be appropriate to the audience.
Determining the appropriate screening techniques and filtering unessential information will be an ongoing compliance (and resource-management) challenge.
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