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Land, then, remains common property and only the products of labour produced with land are appropriable.
While many, including this author, would argue that these forms of labour are incompatible with a fully developed socialism, no matter how extensive they become, they cannot form the basis for a capitalist restoration because neither produces the appropriable surplus value that capitalism needs to function.
C'est donc a ce niveau que l'action des acteurs a le plus de chance d'etre visible, [beaucoup moins que] lisible [beaucoup plus grand que] et dont appropriable pas les publics cibles.
Integrating these with the more famous plays creates an insistently historicist emphasis that, while not denying the works as artistic or appropriable texts, prioritizes the experience of the educated and attuned early modern reader/auditor.
In contrast, organizations also want effective controls in managing the innovation process in order to have productive and appropriable R&D investments.
Which is to say, instead of seeing photography as a mere threat that renders painting obsolete, Fromanger treats of photography as a friendly, appropriable, and enabling medium.
Following Arrow, but going beyond Arrow, we have shown that inventions and knowledge are the opposite of material goods (Corsani and Lazzarato, 2004) because material goods are tangible, indeed knowledge is understandable; material goods are appropriable, indeed the knowledge is "not appropriable".
We maintain that the effects of social entrepreneurship may be wider than directly addressing social needs: it also creates a form of social capital appropriable by commercial entrepreneurs.
to which knowledge is privately appropriable can be increased by raising
Modelling Imperfectly Appropriable R&D via Spillovers.
I show that, for deeper meaningfulness as place attachment, within the appropriable there is always a tension with the non-appropriable; there is a successful connection between both.
Because the size of economic rent would be a function of the enterprise's management of the reservoir, the appropriable economic benefit would largely accrue to the owner of the reservoir.
In those cases where vertical integration may be the best response to hold-up problems, often it is investments in specialized capabilities that represent the ultimate source of appropriable quasi-rents because of the difficulty in transferring these capabilities in the market (Monteverde and Teece, 1982).