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a relatively short golf shot intended to put the ball onto the putting green

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The gap between perfect and average increases significantly as a player's handicap rises, leading to many missed approach shots caused by choosing the wrong club.
10 but picked up a shot on the next hole, parred 12 and dropped another shot after the eagle on 13 before holing his sixth birdie on par-5 15th where he two-putted from 15 feet after a lovely drive and approach shot.
An incredible approach shot left him a little less than 10 feet below the hole, and he had a great chance at forcing a playoff with Els.
He goes into today's final round with a one-shot lead after producing a brilliant approach shot to the 18th after he sent his drive hard right and his ball ended up on a drain cover.
within five feet of the service line--occasionally mix in drop shots, instead of hitting approach shots all the time.
Smooth Surface Caesar Golf Ball Delivers Straight Drives, Accurate Approach Shots, Precision Putts
Wedge distance control - on three occasions during the final round Dufner controlled the distance of his approach shots perfectly, hitting the ball within a foot of the hole.
Back-left hole locations are particularly difficult, since they bring the lake into play, and approach shots that end up right of the ridge will leave two hard putts for par.
Els said Gary Player, who combined with Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer to win 11 Masters during the 1960s and '70s, said during a practice round this week that the increased yardage has resulted in players hitting approach shots with the same-numbered irons used 20 or 30 years ago.
For their approach shots, they usually have to hit anywhere from a five-to-seven iron to the elevated green.
He tied for second in driving accuracy to consistently set up the best angles for approach shots into Doral's demanding greens.
Due to the recent warm weather the course should be browned off and bouncy, meaning approach shots will have to land well short of the target, allowing the ball to release out toward the pin.
The best view of the green is provided by a drive down the right, but wayward approach shots are in danger of finding sand.
Not so, he said, for most amateurs, whose bids for more length off the tee could leave them hitting mid-iron or longer approach shots from the rough.
A rubber mid-layer is more resilient and softer than one made of plastic, allowing the Pro UR to deliver increased velocity off the tee with the added benefit of better control and feel on approach shots.