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Synonyms for apprize

inform (somebody) of something

make aware of

increase the value of

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For since he hath been apprized of those faults, and hath endeavoured to avoided them, he flatters himself.
At the end, the participants were apprized for their cooperation and support in the study.
Hence arises a pleasure mixed with awe; I may say, a low degree of the sublime is felt from the fact, probably, that man is hereby apprized, that, whilst the world is a spectacle, something in himself is stable.
As we were apprized by Philip Horton's early biography of Crane, Leslie Simpson was prompted to write a very moving letter about the poet's actual ringing of the bell-clapper in the church's tower at daybreak in Taxco, Mexico.
Their newspaper columns apprized Americans of what they collectively thought about the New Deal or the troubles in Europe.
Admitted to practice: 1996) Gould violated rules of professional practice by failing to adequately communicate with clients and keep them apprized of the status of their cases as well as diligently and competently representing them.
These cases "rest on the sound basis that due process of law is satisfied when one present in court is convicted of crime after having been fairly apprized of the charges against him and after a fair trial in accordance with constitutional procedural safeguards" (Frisbie v.
We hope our medical reports in Medical Update have helped you and that you will keep us apprized of your interests in future research projects we might undertake at the Saturday Evening Post Society.
Judge Demetrick wrote "As a matter of fundamental fairness the applicant should have been apprized of the peace officer's negative information and given a reasonable opportunity to refute or confirm it before a decision was made on her application.
We are apprized of a young lady who has spent many months embroidering two exquisite cushions: one featuring a lotus flower and a kingfisher, the other a phoenix standing on top of a rock.
By giving them the honour for the capture of Rimini (at the RCR's expense) the world was apprized that Greece was an active ally.
Captain Delano, whose perspective ostensibly controls the story, even when apprized of the nature of the masquerade is baffled into silence by why "the Negro" has "cast such a shadow" on Cereno: "There was no more conversation that day" (1966, 222).
In the Spring of 2000, only one section was converted to a lab course and students were not apprized of the change until the course begun.
As Madsen succinctly puts it, the bottom line is that "senior policy makers in the Clinton administration were kept fully apprized by the CIA, DIA, and NSA of the genocide in Rwanda and that they consciously chose not to act" (Madsen 1999: 151).