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Synonyms for apprize

inform (somebody) of something

make aware of

increase the value of

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I talk about that because I think it's really important to understand that the defenders are uniquely situated to apprize everybody, to really understand and to apprize all the other members of the criminal justice system of what it is that our clients need.
The inmate had asserted that the misbehavior report that notified him of the charges against him should have indicated the basis of knowledge or veracity of confidential informants who provided information, but the court held that such information was not necessary to apprize the inmate of the nature of the charges against him.
For the teacher of military history, who knows what is sound and what is not and who is prepared to apprize his students appropriately, this still can be a useful book in the classroom.
Apprize will help accelerate this growth by offering a limitless M2M software solution that can be implemented across a variety of industries such as telemedicine, energy management, environmental, security and more.
As to the opium, I have no objection to see a picture of that, though I would rather see the original', you may paint it, if you choose, but I apprize [sic] you, that no 'little' receptacle would, even in 1816, answer my purpose.
It must be observed that in his editorial capacity he acted in some degree with the punctuality of a Hearne,(*) but not with his openness, who, when he inserted anything notoriously wrong, took care to apprize his reader of it.
If PTI had an alternate economic strategy that could result in lowering of prices it should first implement it in KPK and apprize the federal government with it too, he said.
Niaz while addressing on the occasion said that this session would provide an opportunity to apprize Thai businessmen, existing and future trade and investment potential in the country.
Chairman Senate Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari will address the IPU Assembly to apprize the participants on the agenda.