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informing by words

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2010), its field testing has been the most reliable for yield apprisal (Bush and Van Auken, 2004).
35) Through this apprisal and assurance, the warnings protect the suspect "from being compelled to incriminate himself in any manner.
We repeat what we said in the Quinn case: Giving a witness a fair apprisal of the committee's ruling on an objection recognizes the legitimate interests of both the witness and the committee.
Offering a thoroughly 'user friendly' step-by-step approach to applying sound business concepts to the institution of marriage (such as writing a marital vision statement, crafting detailed job descriptions for husbands and wives, setting up performance apprisal criteria, setting an equitable compensation system within the marriage), "The Business Of Love" is a unique and enthusiastically recommended self-help, self-improvement reference for anyone contemplating getting married, already in a marriage, or seeking to salvage a damaged marriage and prevent divorce.
The aspiration of Emerson and Mill's apprisal, however, is that if we must succumb to such unknownness, to being odd, seeming strange, coming to the end of analysis, withholding explanation, then, at least, we ought to be known to ourselves.