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Synonyms for apprehensively

with anxiety or apprehension

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The girl glanced apprehensively about, first for signs of the return of the bowmen, and then for some means of escape.
His eyes were constantly rolling apprehensively from side to side as now one and now another of the fierce pack chanced to wander near him, so that for the most of the time it was principally the whites that showed.
While he read the service, the blacks gazed apprehensively at the dark line on the water, above which rolled and tumbled the racing clouds.
For some time we crouched there, Lop-Ear nervous and anxious to be gone, perpetually and apprehensively peering this way and that, and myself whimpering softly and sobbing.
But Bashti kept his word, and on the third day was too busy, with a more momentous problem, to deliver Bubu and Nena to the blind old man who apprehensively waited their coming.
All on the Mary Turner, fore and aft, lined the rail and stared down apprehensively at the leviathan that was as long as the schooner.
The owner was dancing excitedly about and demanding an explanation, but by that time Big Alec's partner had crawled aft from the bowsprit and was peering apprehensively over the rail into the cockpit.
Everybody, save Beauty Smith, looked apprehensively, the fear of the police strong upon them.
He seemed to have made a resolute effort at tidiness of attire, and his sister, a robust, florid woman with a splendid joviality about her, kept eyeing his freshly creased clothes apprehensively.
She looked apprehensively toward the folding-doors that shut us off from the front parlor.
He looked apprehensively about him, as though dreading discovery, and made an attempt to walk on.
I looked apprehensively at Great-aunt Eliza; but she was gazing intently at a picture of Aunt Janet's sister's twins, a most stolid, uninteresting pair; but evidently Great-aunt Eliza found them amusing for she was smiling widely over them.
But it is surely very dangerous to let a man who goes to sleep drive you," said Minora apprehensively.
Go-bu-balu glanced here and there apprehensively, thinking that Tarzan had espied an enemy.
Buck watched them apprehensively as they proceeded to take down the tent and load the sled.