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Synonyms for apprehensible

capable of being apprehended or understood

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For the Dominicans, such principles could be found in natural law, which was assumed to exist among all peoples because it was considered apprehensible by the rational nature of every individual.
Introduced to her during her participation in Kraken, a theater company founded by Herbert Blau in 1972 at Oberlin College, the ideograph is "an immediately apprehensible emblematic stage image, a simple movement or gesture that epitomizes the central concept or emotion ala work" (Lanier 2008, 460.
Twelve-lead surface ECG, which is a cheap, non-invasive, and easily apprehensible method, is presently a gold standard in differential diagnosis, determining treatment methods, and performing risk stratification.
And that understanding would depend on a publicly apprehensible object in which the intended identity of the work is communicated.
was for the coalitions it was to allow around the concept when the time was right," might this not support the claim that human rights are a contemporary idiom for communicating certain truths grounded in natural law, and thus apprehensible to all men of good will?
The dimensions of the soul, this poet's soul, include the earth and the past, those most apprehensible elements of Time and Space.
This thing called culture was apprehensible only through "listening" (Starosta and Chen, 2005).
Embedded within the play of 'thinghood' was the problem of showing the unknowable as apprehensible, the infinite as tangible.
Or as Tillich might put it, the Ultimate is "infinitely apprehensible, yet never entirely comprehensible.
Cette plurifonctionnalite est apprehensible pour des Hurons dont le modele sensoriel fait lui aussi la part belle au toucher et au partage du sens via la manipulation du materiel.
12) But while in Heidegger the thing is akin to an original truth the power of which resides in its manifestation as potentiality--as that, in other words, which is apprehensible in the experience of non-representation--in Lacan the thing becomes a strong metaphor for the desire to reconnect with the void of the inevitable loss, be it God or the mother figure.
Illustrations are used as much as possible to make the information apprehensible quickly.
The concentrations of sodium and chloride ions are described in terms of Donnan ratio for sake of apprehensible comparison of osmotic pressure.
Preoccupied with disciplining himself into the delimited, definite, and apprehensible self of obsession, Rodefer repeatedly falls victim to linguistic shape-changing.
Therefore, the close genetic distance between Tibetan Mastiff and two European breeds such as Labrador Retriever and the English Springer spaniel are apprehensible.