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Synonyms for apprehend



Synonyms for apprehend

to take into custody as a prisoner

to perceive directly with the intellect

to be intuitively aware of

Synonyms for apprehend

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Mrs Boffin suggested advertisement in the newspapers, requesting orphans answering annexed description to apply at the Bower on a certain day; but Mr Boffin wisely apprehending obstruction of the neighbouring thoroughfares by orphan swarms, this course was negatived.
Pickwick, apprehending that the interview was likely to prove rather longer than he had expected.
A boy born with a deficient power of apprehending signs and abstractions must suffer the penalty of his congenital deficiency, just as if he had been born with one leg shorter than the other.
Senior Superintendent of Police(SSP) Gulberg Faisal Noor said that police conducted an operation on a tip-off and arrested Bilal Nagri who is involved in 26 murder cases while also apprehending 4 persons involved in extortion from New Karachi Industrial area.
In search operation at Qalagai Banda the troops destroyed one house, and recovered one vehicle besides apprehending 5 terrorists.
But the LAPD initiated the current clarification process about a year ago after news media reports said some officers thought the order prohibited them from apprehending deported felons who returned to Los Angeles, Gascon said.
Used to deter drinking and driving, sobriety checkpoints are related more directly to educating the public and encouraging designated drivers, rather than actually apprehending impaired drivers.
Police typically respond quicker to verified alarms that can result in apprehending criminals, and keeping customers' losses to a minimum.
The analysis issued by Merrick Bobb, special counsel to the Board of Supervisors, urged the sheriff to determine whether deputies are more likely to request a canine deployment when apprehending minority suspects, or if deputies patrolling high-crime areas - often associated with large, poor minority populations - are more likely to ask for the canine unit's help.
The Court held that "the issue in this case is whether a police officer violates the Fourteenth Amendment's guarantee of substantive due process by causing death through deliberate or reckless indifference to life in a high speed automobile chase aimed at apprehending a suspected offender.
In response, the Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) said it has complete confidence in the Massachusetts State Police and local law enforcement units to fill any gaps and build on their impressive local track record of pursuing and apprehending bank bandits.
Ventura County Superior Court Judge Edward Brodie said professional bounty hunter Duane ``Dog'' Chapman was entitled to none of the money because he broke Mexican law while apprehending Luster on June 18 in Puerto Vallarta.
The group discussed security measures that could protect store employees, prevent burglary attempts, and aid police in apprehending perpetrators.
SANTA CLARITA - Ten Santa Clarita teens recently spent the weekend raiding a marijuana field, apprehending crime suspects and rescuing a teacher who had been taken hostage in an elementary school.
Apprehending suspected felons without protracted, dangerous chases protects the lives and property of the public, the police, and the suspects.