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The percussionist read from a precisely notated score that was left out afterwards for audience members to gaze at appreciatively.
AS WE cling on appreciatively to the late summer sun, I am still able to reach for a crisp glass of rose or bright white with a perfectly clear conscience.
His Royal Highness appreciatively reminisced the legacies of Bahrain's progenitors who constituted an important chapter in the memory and history of Bahrain which will continue to guide the upcoming generations to learn from them allegiance, sincerity and love of the nation.
Home skipper Craig Prince's duties extended to winning the toss and saying, 'We'll bowl' before looking on appreciatively as Stenhouse took 5-35 and Liptrot, 4-32 to dismiss the Wirral side for 69 in 30.
Second-ranked Telenor Pakistan will see the distance between itself and the market leader widen appreciatively and we believe it may push the regulator to demand the new entity divest excess spectrum and infrastructure in order to ensure a level playing-field.
also appreciatively and critically engages the work of John Zizioulas.
Yet soon after her husband's passing she is happily on a new journey with a compassionate counselor she appreciatively refers to as "Compass" and a tough trainer she laughingly names "Sheriff".
But you cannot fight romantic notions of walking hand in hand, sipping a drink or two over a long lunch together, followed by him waiting patiently while you try on dress after dress after dress, complimenting you appreciatively on how you look in every single one.
Appreciatively, I found most of the authors favored a clear and concise writing style, but a few tended to venture into a denser, florid style that required sentence re-reads.
Smiling appreciatively at models strutted around the room in Brit's vintage designs, Nic, who shares the same management as Britney, whooped and clapped appreciatively.
Shot on location in Greece and Turkey, The Two Faces Of January nods appreciatively to Hitchcock, ratcheting up tension as the two men trade verbal blows to secure Colette's affections.
Appreciatively, cleft lip can now be successfully treated by surgery with minimal scarring, especially if conducted during early childhood.
Wimsatt, appreciatively states, “everyone on the team worked extremely hard on this project.
The starlet was swarmed with tweets of warm birthday messages, which she very appreciatively thanked fans for.
And before I forget to mention, it was a pleasure to watch the grand mufti of J&K, Mufti Azam Bashir-ud-din Ahmad, listening appreciatively, with rapt attention to the musical treat with a smile on his face.