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fully understood or grasped

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The Federal Minister also appreciated on completion of 'National Capacity Building Institute (NCBI).
I appreciated very much your remarks, and I appreciate the constructive way in which China has engaged with the United States to address the challenges on the Korean peninsula that are common to both of us.
Gillani appreciated the innovative mind of Sir Tariq Tanvir (Esq.
Botswana's central bank Monday announced that the country's currency appreciated against that of its neighbor and major trading partner South Africa in April.
Sultan Mehmood, Chairman Youth Association appreciated the Small Business Loan Scheme and said that this scheme would encourage
html), and it would be appreciated if future contributors could use it.
Contrast this, though, with another popular charitable gifting strategy: donating appreciated securities.
No need to publish this letter, as I just wanted you to know I appreciated the article.
In a notice, the IRS has identified as transactions of interest certain transactions in which a sale or other disposition of all interests in a charitable remainder trust (CRT), after the contribution of appreciated assets to and their reinvestment by the trust, results in the grantor (or other noncharitable recipient) receiving the value of his or her trust interest while claiming to recognize little or no taxable gain.
Thus, income earned by the trust, including gain on the sale of appreciated assets, is nontaxable to the trust.
We have already spent too much time on the sidelines, trusting that our altruism and dedication would be appreciated and would lead the public to protect us and our ability to practice, but this strategy has failed.
Lacquered and inlaid with mother of pearl, the stuff was appreciated by the Victorian bourgeoisie.
The Court may not have appreciated the fact that its comments about sexual identity and behaviour would be equally applicable to the sexual practices of pedophiles, or those who engage in bestiality.
Each time, I take stock of that relationship and am grateful for the good times and the chance to let the person know that how much I appreciated him.
My strict upbringing and culture is also appreciated.