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Synonyms for appreciable

Synonyms for appreciable

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enough to be estimated or measured

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It had lost half its tail, one of its ears, and a fairly appreciable proportion of its nose.
But no doubt it is appreciable even in our young friend here.
So far as the evidence to hand can be trusted, this stimulative stage, which varies much in races and in individuals, is succeeded by a certain exaltation and mental lucidity--I seem to discern some signs of it in our young friend here--which, after an appreciable interval, turns to coma, deepening rapidly into death.
As a grain of musk will scent a drawer for many years, and still lose nothing appreciable of its original weight, so a halfpenny-worth of ink would blot Mr Boffin to the roots of his hair and the calves of his legs, without inscribing a line on the paper before him, or appearing to diminish in the inkstand.
Indeed, an appreciable elongation of his visage might have been observed as he replied:
No longer was there a single jungle spoor but was an open book to the keen eyes of the lad, and those other indefinite spoor that elude the senses of civilized man and are only partially appreciable to his savage cousin came to be familiar friends of the eager boy.
So far as climate goes, it was immaterial what time we chose for our expedition, as the temperature ranges from seventy-five to ninety degrees both summer and winter, with no appreciable difference in heat.
For seven tals I waited--there had been no appreciable effect upon the lock's mechanism.
The banker's speech was fluent, but it was also copious, and he used up an appreciable amount of time in brief meditative pauses.
KARACHI -- Governor Sindh, Mohammad Zubair has said that the role of welfare organization in the progress and prosperity of the Sindh province is appreciable.
Although the process is very smooth and appreciable, they charge high fees for this verification.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 2 (ANI-NewsVoir): While welcoming the Union Budget 2018-19, Anil Khaitan, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry said, the government has provided a budget for all, adding that the focus on agriculture, rural economy, health, infrastructure and MSMEs is highly appreciable.
by ONAThe participation by the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates is aimed at exploring new markets for Oman-made products which received an appreciable demand from within and outside the Sultanate.
It is good to note that the Punjab AIDS Control Programme is rendering appreciable services in this regard and gradually expanding its activities to cover more and more people under the programme for ensuring better health for the people.
Shri Singh also congratulated the representatives of cooperative societies representing various States for their appreciable contribution in the cooperative sector and said that he hoped to continue the trend of such programmes being organised in other parts of the country.